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Welcome to Patricia Steele’s author site where I add spokes to my creative wheel by posting on a genealogy weblog. Here, I focus on the craft of writing, storytelling and sharing adventures through photographs. I also list my published books and works in progress. Please scroll down to read more.

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  • Silvan Leaves ~ Out on a Limb

    Book Two/Spanish Pearls Series. One in four Californians is foreign born; the term, Hawaiian Spaniards, alludes to Spanish immigrants who braved the unknown to leave their homeland for the sugar cane fields of Hawaii and eventually settle in California. SILVÁN LEAVES is a biographical history, a follow up to The Girl Immigrant. This book is who they were, stemming from family folklore, photographs, ancestral documents, personal visits, phone conversations and memories. It encompasses the Silván siblings in America and the family that came before. Descendants of Spanish families will find pieces of their own ancestral stories within its pages. […]

  • Tangled like Music ~ more than a love story

    A serious crime wave produces a domino effect to an unconnected segment of society in the small town of Lark Point; eight people bound together by honor, betrayal, and love find their lives changed forever. In their midst, walks a cunning and sinister man who uses power and connections to hide his dirty secret. Can a television journalist use the crime investigation as a springboard to his own success? Can two women from such different worlds find love where they least expect it? Can a college boy choose the right path at the crossroads to retain his manhood? And will […]

  • The Girl Immigrant

    Book One of Spanish Pearls Series – It is the turn of the century.  A country in turmoil, heart-wrenching goodbyes, a struggling journey over watery prairies, and a young girl coming of age— who knew there would be a vivid story among tropical flowers and the promise of a different world?  Join Manuela Silvan Trascasas for an adventure that has been shared by Spanish immigrants over the century and smile with her as you visualize her painstaking trek from her family’s past to our present and their adventures between its pages. They left everything they knew — sometimes even everyone they […]

  • More Silvans ~

    Today, I received an email from another Silvan descendant with a cc to her sister. These ladies are children of...

  • Corrected translation from last posting

    After another few hours of studying the letter from Felisidad, written by her sister, Cecelia back in 1981, I found...

  • The Silvan cousins just keep connecting!

      During my recent sabbatical from posting on my blog (in Virginia…) I received a contact email from another Silvan...

Reader Comments…

“You are so talented! Your words flow smoothly and they are so descriptive. I feel like I am in the room with the characters.”

Sophia A., Providence, RI

“…I was captured by the words in the first few pages. I am excited to pick it up tonight before I go to sleep and read more of it.”

Tina F., Portland, OR

“I just spent the last 2 1/2 hours finishing your book. You are an amazing writer. I can’t tell you when I have enjoyed reading a book so much…The ending was so real, it left me in tears…”

Caroline M., Charles City, VA

“…Who could have thought that a story about insurance, mystery and romance could keep me so enthralled? Please keep writing…”

Linda S., Corvallis, OR

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