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A mother-daughter trip to Europe amid lots of wine and tons of laughter - From Oregon to London to Paris to Rome to Venice

A Roundabout Passage to Venice

A TRAVEL MEMOIR by Patricia Steele

When I finally lured my mother into traveling to France with me, we were ready to buy tickets to flit through Paris, when mother mentioned the Channel Train and drifting down the Grand Canal of Venice.  What?  I said Paris!  That’s how the “roundabout” began.  London, the train, a Bed and Breakfast in Paris for a week, driving south to Aix en Provence and fumbling onto a Marseille train at dawn on our way to Rome.  And then a bus tour to Assisi, Florence, Padua and finally in Venice.   But we didn't know the tour ENDED in Venice.  How could we find our way back to Rome?

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