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A book event for Cooking DRUNK added spice to the presentation by including foods prepared from the pages in the cookbook...waiting under the red cloth.

What fun!  I'm a guest on Jane Bwye's Blog 

February 16, 2016

Traveling Through Words in a Book!


 OCTOBER 29, 2015 ~ ORO VALLEY LIBRARY ~ A Writer's Journey ~ 
Author Patricia Steele spoke about her writing journey, how and why she created her own publishing imprint, Plumeria Press.  A group discussion followed about the importance of joining online writing groups.  Patricia read excerpts from her new novel "Wine, Vines and Picasso," the sequel to "Shoot the Moon."  Book signing followed.

Patricia Steele and Dean Vestal preparing for a book reading of The Girl Immigrant at Birds n' Blossoms, Casa Grande, AZ

Patricia Steele (The Girl Immigrant) and Gloria Lopez (An American Paella) share the spotlight at Viracocha to present their books on their Spanish ancestry, San Francisco, CA

August 22, 2015 ~ Book Reading in Casa Grande, AZ

Book Readings & Events

The French Village Diaries review of A ROUNDABOUT PASSAGE TO VENICE...

Reading Tangled like Music on the outside patio of Main Street Casa Grande amidst sweet music played by Jim and Ian and the backdrop of a beautiful cactus mural.

THORNY SECRETS and PINOT NOIR was highlighted in a book event on Main Street's Patio in Casa Grande: NOVEMBER 17, 2016

WINE, VINES and PICASSO 2015, Casa Grande, Arizona

THE GIRL IMMIGRANT: 2013, Viracocha, San Francisco, California and in 2014 at Birds N Blossoms, Casa Grande, Arizona

SHOOT THE MOON: 2008, Bettencourt's Tae Kwon do, Portland, Oregon, 2015 Casa Grande, Arizona

TANGLED LIKE MUSIC, 2015, Casa Grande Main Street Patio, Casa Grande, Arizona
GOODBYE BALLOON, Matthew Whaley School, Williamsburg (The teacher, Susan Alis, reads this book to her class every year)