By Patricia Steele

                    Two fathers.  Three sisters.  A cloisonné jewel box with secrets.
     When Ashton learns the disturbing truth his mother has kept from him since birth, he loses one father and gains another.  When he tries to grant her dying wish, he must trust a stranger who has secrets of her own.  Dodging thugs from San Francisco, he focuses on finding answers and soon finds his mother’s secret involves more than he could ever have imagined.
     Rina Silvan fights demons of her own.  Ready to open a new chapter in her life, she faces her own challenges and vows to slug through them on her own.  But sometimes going solo is harder than one thinks.  Can Ash prove that to her? 
     Pushed and pulled with romance and excitement, Rina helps Ash realize that it was never about the jewels.  And in the mix of troubles, two old people slip into the cracks between them.   


It was never about the jewels


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