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     This Facebook site is dedicated to the Harpalion immigrant ship in order for us to connect those Spanish and Portuguese families whose interest is in finding their genealogical family tree. The Harpalion was one of several immigrant ships that sailed from Spain* at Gibraltar for Honolulu, Hawaii and the sugar plantations.  It carried those brave immigrants who chose to leave Spain in exchange for making a commitment to work in sugar cane plantations of Hawaii so their families would have a future away from military rule and starvation.  It is my hope that other Harpalion immigrant's descendants can connect with other families and possibly find cousins like I did.  

     My grandfather, Bernardo RUIZ Romero traveled with his brothers and sisters and father, Francisco RUIZ Garcia and his wife, Maria Rey Garcia, from the Malaga area to work on the sugar plantations.  The Ruiz family re-immigrated from Hawaii to California in the midst of the first world war.

*The Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]), 19 April 1912. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress. 

The British ship, ORTERIC, sailed 48 days from the Rock of Gibraltar in February, 1911 toward Honolulu, Hawaii filled with Spanish and Portuguese immigrants. 

The British ship, HARPALION, sailed 51 days from the Rock of Gibraltar in February, 1912 toward Honolulu, Hawaii filled with Spanish and Portuguese immigrants. 

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     This Facebook site is dedicated to descendants of the Orteric immigrant ship in order for us to connect.  Many Spanish and Portuguese descendants are interested in their genealogy and have found cousins they did not know existed.  It is my intent to keep this Facebook site open to allow input, photos and stories that connect us together.  
     My great grandparents, Juan Francisco Silvan Hernandez and Rita Eustoquia Trascasas Marzo sailed from Spain to Hawaii with their children, Manuela (my grandmother), Agustin (Gus) and Jose (Joe).  
     Also on the Orteric, was Juan's brother (Victorino Silvan Hernandez) and family, Romana Martin Lorenzo and children, Theodora (Dora), Felisa (Alice) and twin sons, Celestino and Jacinto (Jacinto died on the Orteric).   
     Juan's sister, Crescencia Silvan Hernandez and her husband, Felix Gonzales Hernandez accompanied them along with their first two sons, Alejandro (Red) and Juan (John).
The Silvan/Gonzales families settled in Central California -- Winters, Woodland, San Leandro, Hayward and San Francisco.
     It is my intent to keep history alive so they are never forgotten.  ​


The immigrant ship manifests are currently being transcribed by several administrators, indexed and prepared for descendants to find their family from one of the seven (7) ship sailings.   No completion timeline has been announced, but it is an amazing project.  I encourage others to request ancestral information and we will try to find YOUR FAMILY.

Stay tuned.