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by Patricia Steele

Ricky thinks he has everything he needs to live a happy life ~ A dog named Sam and a family who loves him. As his fifth birthday dawns with the excitement of spending it at the park, he doesn't know the adventures of his day will teach him many things. One girl and one balloon make Ricky's birthday memorable for everyone around him. At the end of his day, he knows the most important part of his life isn't necessarily the 'things' you hold in your hand at all... but much, much more.


This story was changed many times when my children were small because they asked me to tell them the story over and over again, so I made it "new" each time.    After publication, I gave each child their own book.  I loved watching them point to their own artwork on the pages and grin to each other.  It was a thrilling experience and one I will not forget.

TWO paperback formats

(1) Full Color

(2) B&W Coloring Book

Readers from Virginia to Oregon!