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Writing personal histories of your ancestors is an arduous process.   Seeing a well-written story that provides all the relevant historical and cultural background to describe your ancestor’s life in surprising detail published in a book, is beyond amazing.  Many family historians have personal details about their ancestors that they have accumulated through their own research.  All of the content is editable, allowing a writer to edit in or delete out the wealth of information. Accuracy in historical information is important.  Rigorous reference notes are employed at Plumeria Press. The goal is to provide a detailed, fascinating story for every family research proposal project I accept.  See The Girl Immigrant[1] and Silván Leaves[2], examples of family history.   

[1] THE GIRL IMMIGRANT - An immigration story from Spain in 1911 to the Hawaiian sugar plantations before re-emigrating to California, seven years later, told through the eyes of a young girl moving toward womanhood.
[2] SILVÁN LEAVES - A family history book that includes ancestors from the old country they left behind to include the first generation Spaniards of their descendants in California in biographical form.


          A NEW VENTURE is on my drawing board that promises to be a fascinating journey.  

Simply put, STEPPING BACK IN TIME: Finding Family Histories for Others researches and presents your Family Tree into a Family Tree Research Packet and if requested, publishes that information into a book that includes narratives of your family story through facts and family folklore.


With completed Family Tree Research:
Writing Family Story: $20/hour
Formatting & Publishing the Book: $50

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