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THE GIRL IMMIGRANT - A Spanish immigration story

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by Patricia Ruiz Steele

It was 1911.  They left everything they knew, sometimes everyone they loved — to start a new life in a faraway land called Hawaii and later in America. Their immigration story is epic, filled with tragedy, triumph, adversity and love. Loss and promise. Studying Spanish history and the massive immigration resources helped paint a rich portrait of the people who left and the the lives they created. This is their immigration story.
     Manuela, the oldest daughter of a poor family from Fuentesauco in the Province of Zamora in northern Spain, travels south to La Línea at Gibraltar to board the immigrant ship, SS Orteric* with her extended family.  Excited, but frightened, she is anxious for the adventure of Hawaii and her future.  Although reluctant to leave her grandmother, she adjusts to life on the ship, but wishes she was back on land.  As actual historical events move the plot, they influence her thoughts and maturity.

     This is the author’s grandmother’s life story where Spain, Hawaii and California come alive. It is a poignant tale about the importance of family and cultural ties where they learn to balance old world values with the promise of the American dream. THE GIRL IMMIGRANT 

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